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Box Village from the common. The fields in the foreground are now the site of Box Village Hall, its car park and a row of 3 houses.

Box Village Green c 1914

Box village green 3
Box village green 3
Box village green 3

Box Village Green –  approximately 1935. Note the recent addition of roadside kerbing.

Baker Daniels’ Cart Shed on the Green, now garages to Box Green House

Box Womens Institute on new Village Green bench (installed to commemorate 1953 Coronation of Queen Elizabeth)

One time known as “Kirby’s Residence” but now Box Green Cottages

Mr Gardiner’s Coal Shed and Door to Stables – now Baycroft’s garages and Old Stables

Box Green House c 1915

Box Green House. Now one dwelling, this was at one time three cottages as well as a shop.

Bakery c 1900 (now a house known as “The Old Bakery”) with baker Joseph Daniels in background and son Paul

Bakery oven door, still preserved within “The Old Bakery”

The Box Inn, converted to a private residence in 1967 known as “The Old Box Inn”

Cross Cottages and The Pen, taken around 1930. Note the absence of trees giving a clear view to the wooden chapel (now 3 garages).

View across The Pen showing “Box Green House” and rear of “Baycroft”

Dwelling then known as “Humphries House”, now “Well Cottage”

Trullwell in early 20th Century, showing iron gates, railings, glassshouse and hothouse – all since replaced.

Greyroofs – May 1932

Greyroofs 1911

Greyroofs’ and Hope Cottage’s gated coach houses, 1925

Long Cottage, May 1946. Cyril Turk with daughter Elizabeth and son Christopher

Box Church in1951, showing the new stone building in construction around the old ‘tin’ church.

Beehive Box c 1910, when it was the “Beehive Inn”

Beehive when it was then a butcher’s shop

View of Box looking west from “Thyme Cottage”

View of Box looking west from “Elder Cottage”

Box Cottage in 1936

Box Cottage, Mrs Turk and son Christopher – 1946

Box Cottage in 1936 with Mrs Hurst in front

Box Cottage in 1934 with Miss Beatrice Ross JP

Box House c 1880

Box House c 1936

Box House Garden 1936

The Barn at Box Farm, since converted into a house known as “Box End Farm”.

Box Farm

Braceland  (now Pepperpot)

View from “Braceland” (now “Pepperpot”)

Minchinhampton Common near Box, approx. 1930

Chine 1930 (now Chine School)

Chine 1930 (now Chine School)

“Cotswold Chine” when it was then a guest house, now a special school

Halfway House Inn

Halfway House Inn (rear view) 1912

Box bus shelter 1947

Beaudesert in 1907

Longford Lake
Longford Lake
Longford Lake

Devil’s Elbow. Wooden gate to Box Wood has gone but public footpath to Box (on left) remains

c 1930

Tom Longs Post pre 1931
Tom Longs Post pre 1931

A postcard of Tom Longs Post pre 1931 from the Wilf Merrett Collection – Stroud Museum

Tom Longs Post pre 1931

Nailsworth Hill, now locally known as “The W”

August 1917

Box, view taken from Hazel Wood above the Weighbridge Inn, Nailsworth

View showing East/West Lealands (top left, crossed) and The Chine (top right)

Early photograph showing Halfway House & adjoining cottage (centre top) but The Chine yet to be built

Taken from Scar Hill – The Chine on top left of horizon and Bracelands (now Pepperpot) top right

Box 1895, taken from fields above The Beehive showing The Halfway House top centre on horizon

Postcard 1940

Box from the air c 1936

Box Football Club 1925-6


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