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At a special meeting of Box Players on Tuesday it was decided that we should make an effort to produce a show in 2018. We do not want either to lose the momentum of the group or to disappoint our audience. The problems we had encountered related to the number of actors prepared to learn lines for major parts and the demands of rehearsals. To address these issues we decided to investigate the possibility of a show made up of shorter pieces. These would require less learning from a larger number of people and could be rehearsed flexibly. As our next step we will be holding another meeting on 17th November at 2.30 pm to review and brainstorm the ideas brought along. We hope to identify enough interesting ideas to form the basis of a show.

We would like to hear about your ideas for sketches, readings, radio scenes, playlets, favourite performances, musical numbers etc. We would also be interested in ideas from friends who are not currently part of the group. – All are welcome.

As a prompt here are some ideas which have been mentioned and which might spark your creative ideas:-

Period pieces – historically we looked at the earlier decades of the 20th century in previous reviews, the 60s, 70s and 80s are all history now and might provide ideas for sketches.

Something along the lines of the Noel Coward piece Cavalcade which takes pieces from different decades to develop a story. Might provide a structure.

There have been many favourite scenes/performances in our shows which could be reprised as part of a retrospective.

Radio sketches/readings  would provide an opportunity for those who do not wish to learn lines.

You may have or know someone who has a short play which has not seen the light of day.

Please think about this and come along to the meeting prepared to contribute.

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