A volunteer or volunteers to run Box Table Tennis Club


Table Tennis has been a winter activity for over thirty five years in Box Village Hall and we are fortunate to have plenty of equipment and four tables at our disposal.


Over the years a number of villagers have been good enough to give up their time to lead and supervise sessions and the club would now benefit from fresh Box blood!


For the last seven years the club has been held on Sunday evenings but there is no reason why the day and time cannot be changed (subject to Box Village Hall availability).


Having been a member of the Table Tennis Club since we moved to Box I can assure you that playing Table Tennis or ‘Ping Pong’ (the name I grew up with) is great fun, excellent exercise, sometimes challenging and at times humorous. It is wonderful to see how quickly non players take to the game and how their skills develop. We have also seen members who joined to play socially progress through our ranks and graduate to play in teams and leagues within the county.


I would be very willing to help anyone in Box who feels they could take responsibility for leading the club but due to other commitments I cannot take on the role myself.


If you feel you would like to find out more please contact:


Jacquie Hanks on 836287.

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