All of the inhabitants of Box, Scar Hill and Hampton Green are members of the Box Village Society. The aims of the Society are to retain the character of Box, foster interest in the care and beauty of the village and to maintain and improve amenities and facilities in Box and the surrounding area. Box is contained with a Conservation Area which itself is in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Particular attention is therefore paid to planning applications related to property development.


Click here to access planning requests made to Stroud District Council


Click here to view the Box Conservation Area map. Note that the black boundary line defines “Settlement Area” as referred to in Stroud District Local Plan.


Box Inn 1965
Box Inn 1965

Constitution of the Box Village Society


1. The Society shall be known as the Box Village Society.

2. Its aims shall be to:
(a) retain the character of this typical Cotswold village and to foster interest in the care and beauty of the village and its surroundings.
(b) Encourage the maintenance and improvement of its amenities and facilities.

3. All the inhabitants of the village and its vicinity shall be considered members of the Society and be entitled to attend General Meetings.

4. The Committee shall consist of nine elected members.

5. The Committee shall have the power to co-opt two further members.

6. The Committee shall appoint a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.

7. Members of the Committee shall serve for a period of three years. (Three members to retire each year, who shall be eligible for re-election).

8. The Committee shall meet at least every three months and more frequently at the discretion of the Chairman, or when called by any two members of the Committee.

Box Green Cottages 2003

9. Candidates for election to the Committee must be proposed and seconded and names sent to the Hon Secretary, with the names of the proposer and seconder, at least 24 hours before the election which will be held at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

10. Election shall be by ballot at the AGM. Each inhabitant aged eighteen years or over shall be eligible to vote. Voting slips will be made available before the AGM for the use of members unable to attend.

11. The Secretary shall keep a record of all Meetings and this shall be presented at each meeting.

12. The Treasurer shall keep an account of the funds of the Society and present this at the AGM.

13. The Chairman’s decision shall be final on the result of any voting and he shall have a casting vote in the event of a tie.

14. No business shall be transacted at any Meetings unless five members are present.

15. An AGM shall be called by the Committee before the 31st March each year.

16. Any proposed amendments to the Constitution shall be publicly announced fourteen days before and be discussed at a General Meeting and approved or rejected by a simple majority.


Box Village Society Committee


Chairman – Richard Hughes, Findon, Hampton Green, Box, Stroud, GL6 9AD. Tel: 01453 885478, Email:

Hon Secretary – Alison Pettit
Hon Treasurer – Anne Rogers

Committee Members: Steve Hemmings, Penny Helps, John Storey, and Ian Witts

The Box Village Society Annual General Meeting is held in Box Village Hall in March each year.

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