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Send in your comments to US and we will post them on this page.


You never know, it might be a common problem and we might have started a dialogue which will possibly help to resolve it.


Or, you may want to let us know what you particularly like about our new website.


The editor reserves the right to decline any submitted comments which are considered defamatory or libellous.

Rules for using the Complaints & Compliments Corner


1. Entries can only be made by people currently living in Box village

2. Entries must be either written or in an email

3. Originator must state name and contact details

4. Originator must specify if the complaint and response can be published on the Box Village web site

5. Entries will be passed to the most appropriate person in Box to respond to

6. The person responding will decide if the complaint and response should be published in the interests of Box

7. The person responding and/or the website administrator reserve the right to edit the text of the complaint and response

8. Entries on the Complaints & Compliments Corner will be for a maximum of two months after which the originator and the person who responded will agree whether to remove the entry

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