The aim of having a Bulletin Board is to enable Box residents to advertise items they want to sell or find a good home for, or to ask if anyone has a particular item that they want to buy and cannot find it elsewhere.


If you have an item you want to sell, give away or buy send in details to

Rules for using Bulletin Board


1. Entries can only be made by people currently living in Box village

2. Entries are made free of charge

3. Items for sale or to be given away free of charge must be accurately described

5. A contact name and telephone number and/or email address must be given for interested people to contact

Strong Arms Wanted !


From time to time we need some help, maybe for an event at the Village Hall or some other community project – it could be anything from a bit of painting to putting out the chairs for a concert.


At present, these jobs are usually done by a few of the long-standing, mostly retired, residents of the village, both men and women, but we are not getting any younger!


Perhaps we could recruit a small posse of maybe a dozen able-bodied (and younger . . ) Box folk who could help out with these unskilled tasks when they crop up.


If you feel you could lend a hand on these occasions please contact Chris Ames on 832345 or John Storey on 832757.

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