Gallery – Then and Now


Photograph of “The Beehive” taken approximately 1938, shortly after the construction of the unusual, two storey flat-roofed extension. 

Beehive 1967

The Beehive 2001

The Beehive in 2005

Beehive Inn Box c 1910

Beehive, Box 2014

The Coronation Arch (1953) by Edward Payne , adjacent to the stables on the right where the coal merchant Mr Gardiner, then living in Baycroft, kept his horses, but now Baycroft’s garages and a residence known as “Old Stables”.

Previously stables to “Baycroft”, now garages and a new residence known as “Old Stables”.

Now a single residence, Box Green House was once three cottages, one of which included a general store selling paraffin and animal feedstuffs for the villagers’ livestock.

Box Green House 2005

Cross cottages (1930) remain relatively unchanged, though the view across “The Pen” is now obscured by trees.

Cross Cottages 2003

View from the bottom of “The Snicket”, across gardens in “The Pen” towards Baycroft, Box Green House and the top of Scar Hill.

A view across “the Penn” towards Baycroft and Box Green House – 2005

This early photograph  of “The Halfway House” clearly shows the pubs’ origins as a farmhouse and cottages.

Halfway House Inn 1960, at that time owned by Whitbread Breweries

Halfway House 1965, but now with new signage and entrance porch relocated

Halfway Inn VJ+50 Day 1995

By 1998 the Halfway House had been sold by Whitbread and become a privately owned freehouse

Halfway House 2005, showing modifications made since 1998.

Box House c1880

Box House c1936

Box House 2008

Box Village Hall April 2001 prior to “Millennium” refurbishment

Box Village Hall 2003 showing “Millennium” extension and refurbishment

Box Village Hall 2014, with newly extended porch to protect replacement doors.


Trullwell 2014

Early photograph of Box Farm

Box Farm

The Bakery c 1900 (now “The Old Bakery”) with baker Joseph Daniels in background and son Paul

Old Bakery, Box 2014

Greycott Aug 2003

Grey Cottage (previously known as “Greycott”) 2014

Humphries House (now Well Cottage)

Well Cottage (shown on an early drawing as “Humphries House”)

Box – near Greyroofs 1925

Box – near Greyroofs 2014

Box Farm barn (now converted to create Box End Farm)

Box End Farm 2014 (previously the barn to Box farm)

Elder Cottage and Thyme Cottage

Box from Elder Cottage 2014

Long Cottage May 1946

Long Cottage June 2008

Box Cottage Feb 1946

Box Cottage 2014