Box Old and New


From here you can browse through a selection of pictures of Box. We have added many pictures of Box which have not previously been available through the Box web site.

Click on any of the links below to see the pictures relating to that era:


A Walk through Historic Box includes the very oldest photographs, including some from the end of the 19th Century.


Box over the last 100 years shows more up-to-date photographs of Box as it more or less is now, taken within the last few years.


Box Then and Now compares old and more recent photographs of buildings and vistas in Box, alongside one another, to highlight the changes that have (or in some cases notably haven’t) occurred over the years.


If anybody has any historic photographs or pictures of Box that may be of particular interest to residents, and which they would be willing to have carefully copied onto the web site, please contact Steve Hemmings on 01453 832908. All pictures submitted will be treated with respect, and will be returned in good order.

Box Inn Cottage May 2008