Box Village Contacts

Box Village Hall Management Committee

Chairman Chris Ames 832345
Vice-chairman Steve Hemmings 832908
Hon Secretary Ivy Witts 834347
Booking Secretary Jane Storey 836649
Hon. Treasurer Mark Robinson 834202


Andrew Dawes Mille Kidson John Storey 872430
Sarah Kidson 832095 Colin French 883223 Andrew Pettit
Joan Davis 832951 Phil Goodwin Chris Helps 833868

Box Village Society Committee

Chairman Richard Hughes 885478
Hon. Secretary Lynda Brown 833118
Hon. Treasurer Anne Rogers 833588


Penny Helps 833868 John Storey 872430 Steve Hemmings 832908
Alison Pettit 834766 Ian Witts 834347

Box Village Contacts

Art Group Elaine Grainger 887934
Barnabas Painters Alan Hopkins 825665
Box News Editor Brendan Clements 887376
Box Players Brian Woosey 832508
Bridge Group Mark Rogers 833588
Coffee Mornings Daphne Edwards 832283
Gardening Club Mark Rogers 833588
Neighbourhood Watch Pauline Temple 836468
Parish Council Steve Hemmings 832908
St.Barnabas Church Colin French 883223
Swimming Club Andrew Pettit 834766
Table Tennis Jacquie Hanks 836287
Theatre Group Val Oldershaw 887022
The Vigil Andrew Dawes 832545
Website Editor Chris Helps 833868
Website Coordinator Steve Hemmings 832908
Women’s Institute Joan Davis 832951

The address for Box is below but this is not a postal address. If you wish to send a letter to any of the contacts in Box listed above please contact them by email to obtain their own postal addresses.


Box Village Hall